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Jesus On Extasy - The Clock (Limited Edition) (CD)


Jesus On Extasy - The Clock (Limited Edition) (CD)

$ 6.99

Release Date: 10/11/11

Jesus on Extasy's fourth album with 3 bonus tracks, a new line-up, and stunning cover art. Limited edition.

Hardly a year has passed since the highly acclaimed last record No Gods was released and rocked clubs all over the world. Yet, Jesus On Extasy are already back with a whole bunch of new songs, a new line-up and new energy and they are at the ready to turn back time and set everything back to zero. Reboot is close at hand - reincarnation is done: Jesus On Extasy 2.0 - JoE Reloaded! The new album is called The Clock and features songs about time and its consequences, how things change and how they stay the same. Inertia, warp speed, tick-tocking rocking industrial metal!

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 68:16 mins

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