Joe Louis Walker - Playin' Dirty (CD)

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A Modern Great Looks Back

Not yet old enough to be an 'old master' Joe Louis Walker is in transition. So what better timing for an album that's a raw, blasting blues set. It was recorded in the old fashioned way - live, with Joe's amp turned up and groove and 'feel' being paramount. Joe himself overdubbed a little - some extra guitar, funky piano and harmonica. Frustrating though it is there is only one way to get real music and that is real musicians playing together in a real studio. The album was recorded in Paris at a time when Joe was considering exile. Exile from a blues scene where the copyist is lauded; where a publicist is needed for coverage in specialist magazines; where the big labels seem to have given up on this music; where an artist like Joe is lumped in with the local bar band. But Joe's a fighter - he's back and he's on his way up again. In nearly thirty years of touring, promoting and recording blues artists I'd say that Joe stands with the greats. And I've worked with Buddy Guy, Professor Longhair, Roy Brown, Lowell Fulson, Jimmy Witherspoon, Champion Jack Dupree and Larry Garner. So ... Joe re-works the old warhouse 'nobody wants to know you when you're down and out' into a modern funky opus that might just become his contemporary theme - it's sung from the heart and is aimed at - who' Of course Joe always brings new material to the table; Woman Was Made To Be Loved is a wonderful slow blues with telling lyrics and Juicy Fruit is in the grand tradition of 'bragging'. What lesser artists call 'covers' are all well chosen and re-worked to mould them to Joe's style and talent. And if you wonder why an old rock 'n' roll warhorse is here, it's a framework for a rave up session on the guitar. Hot stuff. And the acoustic instrumental closer reminds us that Joe's roots are firmly in that acoustic tradition. Get a few people from the 'blues business' together and talk soon turns to who is going to be the next top name. Joe's is one of the first names that always crops up.

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Blues

Release Date: 09/19/06

UPC: 788065808129

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