John R T Davies - The Greatest Remastering Engineer: A Selection (CD)

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He Removed the Roar from the Roaring Twenties

John R T Davies was a fine musician who moved into remastering because at the time it wasn't being done adequately. As important as his expertise as an engineer and musician was the fact that he was a Jazz fanatic.Soon he became a leader in the field - able to coax lost sounds from often worn record grooves - and could remove (or minimise) the hiss and crackle of decades of playing.Some of his best work was done for JSP. The compilation of Louis Armstrong's Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings (JSP100) which he painstakingly remastered is still much admired. We are releasing some of his best work as a testament to a man who was a great friend to jazz fans everywhere.LOUIS PRIMAOne of the great figures on the American scene from 1935 until his death in 1975. He achieved international fame with his recording of Robin Hood in the 1940's and his soundtrack work as King Louis in the Walt Disney film of 'The Jungle Book'. This has overshadowed his excellent work as a jazz musician.TED LEWISHe rarely toed the musical line. He relied on personality and showmanship, aided by a superb band. Muggsy Spanier, George Brunies, Don Murray, Jimmy Dorsey, Tony Parenti and Benny Goodman all worked with Lewis, some for years. JOE VENUTI In the twenties and thirties, the majority of musicians earned their living in dance bands. Of course, they were they allowed the occasional solo or a special 'hot' arrangement, but ensemble work was the prime factor. These studio orchestras of Joe Venuti's were no exception - his purely jazz recordings were limited to his famous Blue Four, Five, Six and the Venuti-Lang AII Star sessions.GEORGE WETTLINGHis talent as a percussionist placed him in the Jazz pantheon from an early age. For his first ten professional years George worked around Chicago. Settling in New York in 1936 his career included periods with Artie Shaw, Bunny Berigan, Red Norvo and Paul Whiteman as well as small groups including Bobby Hackett, Muggsy Spanier and Miff Mole.

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Jazz

Release Date: 04/24/07

UPC: 788065904029

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