Jon Rose - The Hyperstring Project (CD)


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Bijou album for sale by Tod Dockstader / David Lee Myers was released Nov 15, 2005 on the ReR Megacorp label. On Pond, soundsmith Tod Dockstader and feedback guitarist David Lee Myers churned up wildly creative abstract compositions from recordings of frogs. Bijou buy CD music This time they work in the other direction, using abstract sounds and decontextualized sound quotes to put together a vivid feature film. The expression 'cinema for the ear' has been used before in all kinds of contexts; in this case, it is unusually fitting. Bijou CD music contains a single disc with 27 songs.

Additional Details

Label: Rer Megacorp

Genre: Progressive Rock

Release Date: 12/03/13

UPC: 752725011525

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