Jonn Serrie - Thousand Star (CD)

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Jonn Serrie is the foremost composer of space music. His name is synonymous with this genre of electronic music. Known for his numerous works commissioned for planetariums around the world, he has reshaped and redefined ambient space music. Jonn introduces Thousand Star which follows a similar direction he had taken with The Stargazers Journey, in that he presents an opportunity to embark on a sonic voyage into deep space. This time, instead of an Earth based view of observing space from a distance, Jonn invites the audience to take the voyage with him as it happens. The song titles and poem act as a guide as to where and how the voyage unfolds, with timing and sound design elements emphasising direction and place. The album is intended to play as if the listener were taking part in a science fiction novel, told with music and sound design instead of words and pages. Discover a new voyage each time you listen.

Track Listing

    • Thousand Star
    • Flow of Times Arrow
    • Belle E'Poque 3012
    • The Visionary
    • Course Projection on Tactical
    • Enroute to Delta Pavonis
    • Nostalgia for Infinity

    Additional Details

    Label: New World Music

    Genre: New Age

    Run Time: 40 mins

    Release Date: 10/16/09

    UPC: 767715005927

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