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When a successful businessman (Joe Don Baker) decides to shut down the local video emporium, a group of dedicated gamers battle to save the arcade.

There's something going on at the local video arcade - something totally insane, outrageously hilarious, very sexy and thoroughly entertaining; the hit film JOY STICKS!

This antic romp begins when 'The Video Arcade's' newest employee, Eugene (Leif Green, Grease 2) arrives pantless for his first day on the job. Teenage heartthrob Jeff (Scott McGuinnis, Secret Admirer), who runs the arcade and Dorfus (Jim Greenleaf, Liar's Moon), the slovenly video game addict, decide to take revenge on the vivacious Alva (Kym Malin, Weird Science) and Lola for tricking Eugene out of his pants with a wild game of 'strip video.' But before they can act, King Vidiot (Jon Gries, Napoleon Dynamite) and his sexy troupe of high-tech video addicts invade the arcade and pandemonium breaks loose. In the midst of the chaos, Joseph Rutter (Joe Don Baker, Fletch), an influential businessman, comes into the arcade looking for his daughter Patsy (Corinne Bohrer, Surf II). When he witnesses the madness around him, he vows to see the 'den of juvenile delinquency' shut down for good!

Will the city council decide to close the arcade and spoil the kids' fun? Or, will Jeff, Eugene and Dorfus manage to turn Rutter's anger with a little help from Alva and Lola? It all comes together in a climatic and hilarious video game competition - with a winner-takes-all bet on the future of the video arcade in this early 80's cult classic comedy produced and directed by Greydon Clark (Final Justice).


Bonus Materials

  • Original Theatrical Trailer


Cast & Crew

  •       Joe Don Baker as Joseph Rutter
  •       Leif Green as Eugene
  •       Scott McGinnis as Jefferson Bailey
  •       Jim Greenfeaf as Dorfus / Jonathan Andrew McDorfus
  •       Jon Gries as King Vidiot
  •       Corinne Bohrer as Patsy Rutter
  •       John Diehl as Arnie
  •       Kym Malin as Lola
  •       Becky LeBeau as Liza

Director: Greydon Clark

Producer: Greydon Clark

Additional Details

Label: MVD Rewind Collectio

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Run Time: 88 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/07/23

UPC: 760137130284

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