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JT Habersaat - Misanthrope (CD/DVD)


JT Habersaat - Misanthrope (CD/DVD)

$ 15.42 $ 15.99

Release Date: 12/09/16

includes CD, live DVD special & 1-hr documentary featuring folks you've seen on comedy stages & episodes of the X-Files

Youthful, punk rock rage is all well and good, but the agitation of aging transforms a 'Fight the man!' fist to a 'You kids get offa my lawn!' fist right quick. Available now as a special DVD/CD set including the 'Misanthrope' CD, the live DVD special of 'Misanthrope,' & an hour-long road documentary featuring a bunch of folks you've seen and heard of on comedy stages and episodes of the X-Files.

Label: STAND UP!
Genre: Stand Up Comedy
Language: English
Run Time: 46:22 mins

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