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Justin Hayford - Rare Find, A (CD)


Justin Hayford - Rare Find, A (CD)

$ 13.99

Release Date: 05/08/02

LML Music is proud to announce the release of A Rare Find: Forgotten Gems from the American Popular Songbook, the debut CD from Chicago cabaret artist Justin Hayford. Over the past three years, Hayford has cornered the market on obscure musical treasures. He's performed a series of Rare Find shows in nightclubs around Chicago, showcasing his unique collection of overlooked marvels from the golden era of American popular song. After sell-out houses and critical raves, he decided to put together the 'greatest hits' from his anti-hit parade, creating his first Rare Find CD. This recording recaptures the intimate and playful spirit of his live performances, featuring Hayford's own arrangements and piano stylings. The CD includes Comden and Green's cheeky 'You're Awful,' Frank Loesser's giddy 'I Go For That,' Steve Allen's romantic bossa nova 'Kiss Me with a Smile,' and Hugh Martin's poignant ballad 'I'm Not So Bright.' One of the most surprising finds on the CD is 'When Bert's Not Here,' a forgotten classic from Sesame Street that captures a child's innocent longing for a pal who's gone away. When not performing, Hayford can be found in out-of-the-way places looking for songs that deserve a second chance. 'I spend a good deal of my spare time holed up in junk shops, library stacks, flea markets and used book stores, hoping to unearth more gems,' Hayford explains. 'It does wonderful things for my asthma.'

Label: Lml Music
Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 40 mins

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