Kant Kino - Father Worked In Industry (Limited Edition) (CD)

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Second album from the Norwegian EBM duo KANT KINO in a production by Claus Larsen from LEAETHERSTRIP.

- new much anticipated album after the successful 'lrsbss' single
- mixed & engineered by Claus Larsen of LEAETHER STRIP
- performed live with bands like FRONT 242, APOPTYGMA BERZERK, etc.
- old school EBM in the line of FRONT 242, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, AND ONE, NITZER EBB, etc.
- perfect bridge between classic body music and modern TBM
- remixer for bands like LEAETHER STRIP, DE/VISION, AMGOD, UNTER NULL, etc.
- special remixes on the ltd edition box by Leæther Strip, Aesthetische, Anders Odden, etc.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • We Are Still Kant Kino
  • Push Your Buttons
  • My Game (Album)
  • My Sweetest Crime
  • Bleed
  • Ich Liebe Katarina Witt
  • Message
  • Freezing
  • Just For The Comfort Of Sleep
  • Ãœbermensch
  • Father Worked In Industry
  • Underground
  • Reality
  • Warm Leætherette (The Normal cover feat. Leaether Strip)
Disc 2:
  • LRSBSS (International Schizo by KANT KINO)
  • Bleed (AESTHETISCHE Remix)
  • Father Worked In Industry (SPACEBUOY Critical Mass Mix)
  • Reality (OLD SCHOOL UNION Remix)
  • Bleed (THE MACHINES Rework)
  • My Sweetest Crime (ESSENCE OF MIND Remix)
  • Freezing (LEAETHER STRIP Version feat. Claus Larsen)
  • Father Worked In Industry (SUDETEN CRESCHE Version, feat. Paul Carlin)
  • Push Your Buttons (ELEC THIS! Remix)
  • Owner Of This House (TEAR PARTY Remix)
  • Bleed (GOTHMINISTER Remix)
  • Father Worked In Industry (ANGELS OF GENOCIDE Remix)
  • My Sweetest Crime (Fallen Soldier - PSYKOSISTER RMX)
  • Just For The Comfort Of Sleep (KANT KINO Symphony)
  • Father Worked in Industry (The Work Has Moved On by KANT KINO)

Additional Details

Label: Alfa Matrix

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

Run Time: 140 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 04/09/13

UPC: 882951719121

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