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Keith Levene - Killer In The Crowd (Ep) (CD)


Keith Levene - Killer In The Crowd (Ep) (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

'Guitarist, Innovator, Punk Pioneer'. Founding member of THE CLASH & PiL. The KILLER IN THE CROWD EP is finally here from the music magician KEITH LEVENE. The tunes go beyond PiL, and have brought ecstacy to the few who've heard pre-release cuts. It includes deeply embedded sound bytes of the odyssey he's lived over the past ten years. His famous angst, anger and frustration is alive and thriving. Beyond music and into the realm of inner space exploration - Keith wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, played all instruments and sang on this work so there were no filters of hindrances. After his decade of public silence, this record is like a force 5 hurricane blasting through the blancmange of what's currently passing for music. THIS is the real deal. HE'S the real deal. Like a 1965 GTO, this EP is already a collector's item before it's hit your CD player. ENJOY!'

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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