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Kevin K - Deutschland (CD)


Kevin K - Deutschland (CD)

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Release Date: 06/08/10

Kevin K 's discovers his inner Kraftwerk, combining his expert songcrafting with sythns. Pop music for a cloudy day.

Pop songsmith combined with an old-school punk sensibility defines Kevin K. Kevin has been rocking more of the world with each release, taking his authentic NYC street culture gleaned from heroes Thunders, Dee Dee, Joey and Walter from France to Bulgaria, from Germany to Baltimore. As founding member of Buffalo's New Toys with his brother Alan K., Kevin has kept growing forward through a true musical life, from the Lone Cowboys, the Road Vultures to the current Globetrotting Kevin K Band. Guitars meet synths in this latest offering Deutschland, 10 slices of gloomy pop that reeks of a rainy day in Berlin. Then the guitars turn it into something else, indeed. Gloom with a bite. Also features from Ricky Rat of Detroit's Trash Brats on one of those biting guitars.

Label: Circumstantial Recor
Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 40:09 mins

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