Kid's Planet Season Two: Volume Four (DVD)

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This fun edu-tainment series for kids reinforces morals and manners that will last a lifetime!

'Have you ever wanted to travel back to a time in history? What about take a look at the technological advances of today? In this video bundle of Kid's Planet you can do those things and more! This video bundle features videos on history, emotions, and numbers and letters that will inform and entertain children of all ages. This bundle contains Volume Four of Season Two, episodes 17-21.

Episode 17: What is nobleness? This episode is going to focus not on the type of nobleness that you think of when you think of royalty, but the quality that someone has. What does it mean to be noble? Are you noble?

Episode 18: Your entire day is full of letters and numbers! Letters and numbers are so incredibly important, as they allow us to communicate with the world around us. Let's learn more about numbers, letters, and communication as a whole.

Episode 19: The theme for this episode is pop culture, or popular culture! We're specifically going to focus on popular art, such as the art that is featured in museums. Have you ever been to a museum? They're pretty interesting places!

Episode 20: Let's go back in time to 2,500 years ago! Ancient Greece is full of famous philosophers, but did you know it's where the Olympic Games started? This episode is full of interesting history from long ago!

Episode 21: It's time to explore the planet of emotions! In this episode, we define what emotions are and understand that emotions are constantly changing and sometimes even unpredictable!'



Cast & Crew

  •       Cainwyn

Director: Carla Duarte

Producer: Miguel Somoza

Additional Details


Genre: Animation (not Anime/Manga)

Language: English

Run Time: 98 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 810071441363

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