Klangforum Wien & Cambreling & Katzameier - Salvatore Sciarrino: Quaderno Di Strada (CD)

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Light and air in a state of constant, subtly detailed movement: this is also the nature of Sciarrino's music, as if it had soaked up all those delicate colours and adopted the mobility of air, captured its nocturnal buzzing-sounds with a netted veil and transformed them into fluctuating sonorities, roaring and murmuring.

Track Listing

    • Se Non Ora Quando
    • Love Smarrimento
    • Smarrita La Misura
    • Disse Un Poeta
    • See Spera Che l Sasi
    • Dove Andarono La Sera l Muratori
    • Anno 410
    • La Rosa Checks Disfa
    • Piove
    • Donato Creti Scrisse
    • A Filo Del Violino
    • Fior De Kencur
    • Du Cose Al Mondo Proverbio

    Additional Details

    Label: Kairos

    Genre: Classical

    Run Time: 42:27 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 01/24/06

    UPC: 9120010280160

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