Larry Garner - Double Dues (CD)

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Wonderfully Relevant and Rewarding

In 1991, JSP label boss John Stedman heard rumors of a new blues talent working out of Baton Rouge (although as you probably know, for blues insiders a performer can still be 'new' after thirty years of grueling musical toil). The facts proved even more impressive than the reports. Larry Garner possessed superb musicianship, a tight band and an entirely original take on lyrics. As somebody said, when Larry wakes up this morning, you can bet his head will be clear and what he sees will be unexpected. Best (for JSP anyway) was that Larry's gifts were thus far unacknowledged and unsigned. This is the first of two albums that Larry cut for JSP. It came as a revelation and won plaudits across the blues world and beyond. Larry was instantly propelled into the top rank where he remains. From the pretty lyricism of Dreaming Again to the tough realism of No Free Rides, this set is as wonderfully relevant and rewarding as it was when it was first cut.

Additional Details

Label: JSP Records

Genre: Blues

Release Date: 09/27/11

UPC: 788065883225

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