Las Zapatillas Coloradas (DVD)

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The Mysterious Case Of The Magical Missing Red Slippers!

A thief breaks into the ballet theater and steals Victor's red ballet slippers. Victor believes that they possess magic powers and that anyone who wears then will dance pirouettes wonderfully. He refuses to dance without them. At first the police think that the mystery is a publicity stunt but the owner convinces them otherwise by telling them that he is losing much money by Victor not dancing. Then the police believe that it must be an inside job.

The police chief and two assistants, Tibucio and Carlos go undercover at the ballet in order to find out who might have stolen the slippers. Clumsy as they are, somehow they manage to find a place in the ballet. The chief, dressed in costume tells the assistants to recognize him by his ring.

The assistants find out that the Chinese magicians are the culprits but the still cannot find the slippers. Angel, one of the female magicians uses her feminine wiles to get Tibucio to confess that he is an undercover detective. She needs to know who else he is working with. She lures him into her dressing room with Chin, the ring master hiding behind a folding wall to overhear him say who. She leaves the room for a moment. Tibucio notices Chins hand with a ring on it and mistakenly thinks it's the chiefs so he whispers all that he knows. Now Chin kidnaps Tibucio and Carlos through a secret wall. They are trapped. Chin and Angel also kidnap the chief. Somehow they accidentally find another secret wall leading to another dressing room where they find the red slippers. In order for them to escape with the slippers, they must be hidden so Tibucio puts them on under his shoes but now he cannot stop dancing! The chief and Carlos have to tackle him to remove the slippers.

The Chinese magicians catch then and inform them that whoever wears the slippers without permission must be beheaded! Fortunately, the police brake into the ceremony and save Tibucio in the nick of time. In Spanish with English subtitles.


Cast & Crew

  •       Alfredo Barbieri
  •       Don Pelele
  •       Miriam Sucre
  •       Humberto de la Rosa
  •       Alfonso Pisano

Director: Juan Sires

Director: Enrique Carreras

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Foreign Film

Language: English

Run Time: 75 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/19/13

UPC: 029502081294

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