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Laura Faser - Florence Nightingale (DVD)


Laura Faser - Florence Nightingale (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/21/11

A powerful and vivid portrayal of a pioneer who revolutionized medicine.

'An intense, rewarding portrait . . .' -The Observer Magazine '. . . Refreshing, . . . to view Norman Stone's literate, passionate portrayal of a complex character . . . ' -Brian Sibley BBC Radio Two 'The drama doesn't attempt to hide Nightingale's flaws, and it touches upon her complex and determined character.' -The Times Laura Fraser delivers a riveting performance as history's most famous 'angel of mercy' who shuns her life of Victorian privilege to devote herself to relieving the misery of British soldiers during the Crimean War.

Genre: Drama
Run Time: 131 mins

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