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Leaether Strip - Dark Passages (CD)


Leaether Strip - Dark Passages (CD)

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Release Date: 01/11/11

Double CD box release includes the 'Dark Passages' OST plus the new studio album 'Seasons Change - I Don't.'

- brand new double-CD album by LEAETHER STRIP released in a deluxe carton box packaging. - soundtrack for the 'Dark Passages' movie directed by the multiple award winner Cesar Cruz. - promotion of the release during the movie's premieres and on the horror movie scene - new 14-track studio album in bonus featuring the club hits 'Bondage is not a Crime', 'Seasons Change I Don't' - includes extended mixes of the soundtrack songs 'Dark Passages' and 'Everything Dies' + of the famous 'My Shadow is your home' and 'Voluntary Confinement'. - exclusive bonus remixes by MORTIIS and EHRON VONALLEN

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 140 mins

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