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Leaether Strip - Yes I'm Limited V (CD)


Leaether Strip - Yes I'm Limited V (CD)

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Release Date: 01/26/10

LEAETHER STRIP's 'Yes I'm Limited' tradition continues and enters into its 5th chapter!

Especially compiled for the band's hardcore fans who all contributed to make Claus Larsen's return on stage unforgettable in this year 2009. A collection of some 27 exclusive rarities in a double-CD fan box including 9 early 80's demo songs which were Claus Larsen's first works ever. Add to this some special unreleased studio recordings of songs he has been playing live this year like 'Kill a faetish', 'AEghty AEight (US mix)' or yet the new version of 'Don't Tame Your Soul'. Also included are the special live intro's he wrote for his shows in Cologne and Gothenburg. Furthermore the 2CD set holds collaborations and remix work by bands like DIE KRUPPS, PROJECT PITCHFORK, AUTODAFEH, etc. Also included in this special limited box: the FREE 17-track exclusive label compilation 'Sounds from the matrix 009' revealing the talent of some of Claus Larsen's label mates and featuring a hard trance mix by STUDIO-X of LEAETHER STRIP's new 'Compassion'.

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 210 mins

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