Let's Hear It For The 90s Vol. 2 (CD)

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Let's Hear It For The 90s returns with new unmixed extended versions of the biggest gay, dance and pop hits of the 90s!

From the label the brought you the top-selling gay dance compilation series Let's Hear It For The Boy, comes the highly-anticipated Vol. 2 of its popular companion series Let's Hear It For The 90s! Imported from SAIFAM Italy's Atlantis label, Let's Hear It For The 90s Vol. 2 features unmixed extended dance versions of the most massive gay-friendly hits from the decade grunge, Seinfeld and Spice Girls, including 'Dreamlover,' 'Gypsy Woman,' 'Joy,' 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' 'Uninvited,' 'Freedom' and more. Other highlights include Factory Team remixes of 90s Eurodance classics 'Get Ready For This,' 'Rhythm Is A Dancer' and 'I Like To Move It,' plus high energy dance remixes of 90s pop hits 'Orinoco Flow,' 'Freefallin',' 'Black Velvet,' 'Come On Over' and more. Best of all, Let's Hear It For The 90s Vol. 2 features yet another attractive 'cover boy' in a revealing pose. Let's Hear It For The 90s Vol. 2 is the perfect gay party album!

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Angelica - Dreamlover (A.R. Remix)
  • Housebanner - Uninvited (Mike B. Remix)
  • NTT - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Original Mix)
  • DJ Hush - Get Ready For This (A.R. Remix)
  • Heartclub - Freedom (Factory Euromix)
  • Kyria - Come On Over (Factory Dance Remix)
  • Booshida - To Love You More (Factory Team Dance Mix)
  • Hanna - Orinoco Flow (Factory Eurotrance Remix)
  • F-Connection - Policy Of Truth (Dance Version)
  • Morgana - That's What Love Is For (Factory Eurotrance Remix)
  • Live 2 Love - Listen To Your Heart (Dance Remix)
  • Boyz Boyz - I Like To Move It (Original Mix)
Disc 2:
  • MC Ya - Joy (Dance Remix)
  • DJ Hush - Gypsy Woman (M.B. Remix)
  • One Nation - Smells Like Teen Spirit (A.R. Remix)
  • DJ Hush - Freefallin' (Dance Mix)
  • Wienna - Black Velvet (F.T. Company Mix)
  • Skydeelight - Always (Extended Mix)
  • DJ Hush - Don't You Want It Right Now (F.T. Company Mix)
  • Asya - So Young (Dance Remix)
  • Housecream - Fading Like A Flower (Eurodance Mix)
  • Circle 99 - I Will Be Here For You (Factory Team Remix)
  • Beat Box - No Limit (A.R. Remix)
  • Java feat. Bolingo - One More Time (Eurodance Mix)

Additional Details

Label: Atlantis

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

Run Time: 140 mins

Release Date: 11/09/10

UPC: 8032484054042

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