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Lili & The Baobab (DVD)


Lili & The Baobab (DVD)

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Release Date: 02/24/09

Lili, a French freelance photographer, accepts an assignment to photograph the remote village of Agnam, in the Senegalese desert. For the first time in her life, Lili is out of her element and experiences being different. However she strikes friendship with Aminata, a young woman, who has no family in the village. Once back to France, Lili has a hard time resuming her past life and she often visits Moussa, an immigrant from Agnam, who works in the nuclear power plant nearby. One day, Moussa tells Lili that Aminata has given birth to a baby boy and because the child is fatherless, they will both probably be kicked out of the village. Lili manages to change local customs, help her friend, and find her own path.

Genre: Foreign Film
Run Time: 90 mins

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