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Lisa Detamore - Pizza Party: Yoga Class For Kids (DVD)


Lisa Detamore - Pizza Party: Yoga Class For Kids (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/15/10

A Complete Yoga Class for Kids! Playing and exercising with your children will lay a foundation of fitness that will last throughout their lives. Children's yoga instructor Lisa Detamore leads three quick routines that you can do with your children: The complete 20 minute routine gives kids exercise and play they crave. The 'Energize and Focus' short program is perfect before going to school or leaving the house. 'Most Favorite Place' helps to calm children before study time or bed time. Regular practice of these breathing techniques and movements will reduce stress and improve concentration, balance motor skills and mental awareness. For best results do the class with your children. For ages 4-7. Great Things Your Kids Will Learn From Yoga: - Coordination - Strength - Balance - Focus & Concentration - Healthy Posture - Creative Movement - Discipline Of Mind & Body - How To Be Calm & Centered - How To Enjoy Healthy Exercise

Genre: Kids MOVIE
Run Time: 30 mins

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