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Living Legends - The Gathering (CD)


Living Legends - The Gathering (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

This seven-track CD titled The Gathering has an intuitive drive and some controlled power that makes it appealing on many levels. Thirty-two minutes and three seconds total time harkens back to the days when vinyl LPs held 15 minutes per side and, for a prolific bunch like the Living Legends, the audience might feel a bit slighted...though others may consider that the rappers are putting a heavier emphasis on this septet of sound essays than overloading the CD. The title track has an eerie keyboard juxtaposed against a solid beat and percussive sounds; it's the second longest piece on the disc, dips into Richard Matheson territory with a nod to I Am Legend, and is a good way to kick things off: with a nice bang. She Wants Me follows with a hypnotic variety of sparse sounds under the narrative flowing into a killer chorus about a drugged-out, psychotic, bisexual girlfriend the protagonist met on Myspace. It's territory Willie Loco Alexander covered in the '70s with a similarly titled song MCA refused to release on the second Boom Boom Band LP, Nazi Nola (She Wanted Me), the stretch from heavy punk/R&B to R&B/rap not as far thematically as one might think. It's the rhythm & blues that is the common denominator with more misogyny infiltrating the funky Pants on Fire, each track needing a parental guidance sticker, none of these gents shy in the least. War and Peace has a slinky Parliament/Funkadelic guitar line that drifts under the verses which give in to a chant of If you want to make war end you gotta start with peace..., a heavy vocal chorus of war

Label: Legendary Music
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

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