Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road - Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road (CD)

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The band's distinct sound and old time flair can be attributed to bluegrass-rich area of North Carolina from which they hail and borrow their name. As the founding member and band leader for Carolina Road, Lorraine Jordan s showmanship and chemistry with the audience makes the group one of the most popular bands among bluegrass fans today. Lorraine has fronted Carolina Road for over a decade and has seven national recordings to her credit. The band has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in bluegrass, averaging 60 bluegrass festivals in the U.S. and Canada annually along with headlining the Bluegrass Cruise and hosting the Canadian Bluegrass Awards. Carolina Road s performance is a hard driving traditional sound with invigorating instrumentals, smooth blending vocals, and all the energy that you can stand.

Track Listing

    • That's Kentucky
    • Living With the shades pulled down
    • Linvin' Like I'm Dying
    • You Won't Ever Forget Me
    • All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
    • Song Of the French Broad
    • I Heard You call
    • Bluegrass Barn
    • Hold Me One More Time
    • Suitcase of Your
    • I Saw the Golden
    • Liza Jane

    Additional Details

    Label: Pinecastle Records

    Genre: Bluegrass

    Release Date: 09/10/13

    UPC: 755757118620

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