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Love Letters Of A Nun (DVD)


Love Letters Of A Nun (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/16/09

Forbidden desires behind convent walls!

Spain 1640, the reverend superior nun Mariana, attends the death of her younger sister, Isabel's husband, who is overcome with hopelessness and heartache. Isabel then kisses and caresses the cadaver's exposed body as if he were still alive. Mother Mariana is very aroused by witnessing this act of sex and writes a confession letter to Father Augustin, thinking that she will not have the courage to confess the sin tomorrow during confessional. That night, one of the novices, Maria, runs to Mother Mariana's room talking about a pilgrim taunting her. Maria mistakes Mother Mariana's maternal care for romantic interest and reciprocates by sexually ravaging her. Mariana hesitates momentarily and then slaps and pushes her away. Maria then masturbates to orgasm using a large crucifix. Mother Mariana interprets Maria's actions for demonic possession and says that the Holy office needs to be advised. .

Genre: Foreign Film
Run Time: 106 mins

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