Lovelorn Dolls - Japanese Robot Invasion (CD)


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First new album by the Brussels based act LOVELORN DOLLS after their highly acclaimed debut album

Since the release of their highly acclaimed debut album 'House Of Wonders', Brussels based act LOVELORN DOLLS have teased our hungry ears with the catchy pop rock single 'The Thrill' and its electronic dynamics and trashy guitars both perfectly carrying the female singer's highly expressive and characteristic voice. Today the Belgian band strikes back with their new album which was mixed and produced in Roma - Italy by maXX from the infamous cult band HELALYN FLOWERS! A very diverse album full of creatures and catchy tunes with an electro rock edge, which rolls in the ears like a beautiful collection of noir short stories... A second full length album soars to top with the splendid opening song 'Happy Valentine', the unavoidable previous single 'The Thrill', but also on an energetic electro pop cover of THE CURE's unique classic 'Just Like
Heaven', the moody dark wave 'Miss Friday Night' or yet the very sentimental trip-hop ballad 'Jasmina'. A magnificent album that will confirm the band's fast ascension on the electro rock scene and that comes highly recommended to the fans of GARBAGE, LACUNA COIL, THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, EVANESCENCE, WITHIN TEMPTATION and other female fronted electro goth metal bands...

Track Listing

    • Happy Valentine
    • The Thrill
    • Long Awaited Kiss
    • Japanese Robot Invasion
    • Miss Friday Night
    • Curse Of The Crab
    • Just Like Heaven
    • Blood Moon
    • Jasmina
    • Wolf Inside

    Additional Details

    Label: Alfa Matrix

    Genre: Metal

    Language: English

    Run Time: 57 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 12/02/14

    UPC: 882951021125

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