Lovelorn Dolls - Japanese Robot Invasion (Limited) (CD)

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Limited 2CD edition of this brand new Lovelorn Dolls album featuring dance remixes.

This is the second album by the rising electro rock Belgian band LOVELORN DOLLS - announced by the radio & club hit single 'The Thrill' - in a production by maXX of HELALYN FLOWERS. It will appeals to fans of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, LACUNA COIL, EVANESCENCE, WITHIN TEMPTATION, GARBAGE, etc.
The limited deluxe box edition of the album also offers next some nice fan goodies, a bonus disc featuring some 10 additional remixes of album songs by bands like JUNKSISTA, EVESTUS, CONSUMER JUNK, COSMIC ARMCHAIR, ZEITGEIST ZERO,HELL:SECTOR, etc.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Happy Valentine
  • The Thrill
  • Long Awaited Kiss
  • Japanese Robot Invasion
  • Miss Friday Night
  • Curse Of The Crab
  • Just Like Heaven
  • Blood Moon
  • Jasmina
  • Wolf Inside
Disc 2:
  • The Thrill (EVESTUS rmx)
  • Happy Valentine (CONSUMER JUNK rmx)
  • Miss Friday Night (COSMIC ARMCHAIR rmx)
  • Curse of the Crab (NEIKKA RPM rmx)
  • The Thrill (BEYOND VIOLET's 80's Synthrmx)
  • Miss Friday Night (ZEITGEIST ZERO rmx)
  • The Thrill (JUNKSISTA rmx)
  • Long Awaited Kiss (HELL:SECTOR rmx)
  • Miss Friday Night (CHIT CHAT SEX BAND rmx)
  • Happy Valentine (Tom Erik Isaksenrmx)

Additional Details

Label: Alfa Matrix

Genre: Metal

Language: English

Run Time: 120 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 12/02/14

UPC: 882951721124

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