Lucinda Clare & Yuval Ron - Voyage Through The Chakras (CD)


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Release Date: 06/15/18

Musical Medicine for the Soul. (2 CDs Box Set)

[2 CDs Box Set]

TheChakra systemrepresents one of the great gifts from ancient India and yogic culture. Originating from Sanskrit, the sacred language of ancient India, the word Chakra literally translates as wheel. Each Chakra functions as a vortex of spinning energy influencing the physiological and neurological systems in the body. These energy centers within the human body help to regulate all its processes, from organ functions, gland functions, the immune system and the emotions. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and location that is depicted through a specific chakra color and tone and governs specific physiologic, emotional and spiritual functions. Throughout history, various ways of influencing and balancing the Chakras have been devised and explored, including yoga, mantra Chanting, foods, herbs and sound vibration.

Voyage through the Chakrasis musical medicine for the soul.
Lucinda Clare's visionary approach to guided meditations will take you on a poetic journey to transformation. With sublime music by Yuval Ron, performed by world-renowned musicians and with embedded subliminal affirmations by Dr. Richard Gold, this album will entrain your brain to its natural state of inner peace. Mantras whispered by the Himalayan Master, Svami Purna, guide the soul toward illumination. On the advice and teachings of masters of sound healing in India, the creative team of Metta Mindfulness Musiccarefully chose the instruments and quality of each original composition to positively influence the vibration of each individual Chakra.

For best results listen daily for 40 days, and then repeat as often as desired.

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Label: Metta Mindfulness Music
Genre: New Age
Run Time: 146 mins

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