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Lucrèce Borgia (DVD)


Lucrèce Borgia (DVD)

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Release Date: 05/26/09

The most notorious woman in history!

1498. Rome, the powerhouse of the Renaissance, is governed by the tyrannical Cesare Borgia, a man who has no scruples when it comes to furthering his political ambitions. To secure an alliance with Naples, he has arranged that his sister Lucrezia shall marry Alphonse, the Duke of Aragon. On the eve of her wedding, Lucrezia secretly joins a street carnival, where she meets and falls instantly in love with a stranger - who later turns out to be her intended husband. It is not long before Alphonse realises the extent of Cesare's cruelty and thirst for power. Lucrezia reveals how her brother has used her in the past for his political ends. When the Duke of Aragon is of no further use to Cesare, he will surely meet the same fate as his predecessors...

Genre: Foreign Film
Run Time: 94 mins

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