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Lumberjack Feedback - Blackened Visions (VINYL ALBUM)


Lumberjack Feedback - Blackened Visions (VINYL ALBUM)

$ 20.99

Release Date: 04/08/16

French instrumental juggernaut and cinematic wrecking ball return with a cinematic debut full-length of epic propotions

After a critically-acclaimed 2013 debut EP, 'Hand of Glory', a collector split EP with We All Die (laughing) in 2014 and a free digital EP recorded live in a deconsecrated church in 2015 ('Noise in the Church'), gear-fetish and production masters instrumental Doom juggernauts The Lumberjack Feedback come back with their debut full-length, 'Blackened Visions': a cinematic masterpiece!

Genre: Progressive Rock
Language: English
Run Time: 44:06 mins

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