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Madame Du Barry (DVD)


Madame Du Barry (DVD)

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Release Date: 12/01/09

From The Brothels In Paris To The Bed Of King Louis XV... The Scandalous Story Of The Most Ambitious Lady In History.

The scandalous story of an ambitious woman who went from the brothels in Paris to the bed of King Louis XV. Born the illegitimate daughter of a monk and a seamstress, Madame du Barry rose from poverty to become one of the most powerful and wealthy women of France. A courtesan, she becomes Louis XV's official mistress and is fêted as one of France's most beautiful women. On Louis XV's death she became vulnerable to those secretly longing for her downfall. Marie Antoinette has her imprisoned and set for execution. This stunning masterpiece of French cinema beautifully illustrates the dazzling world of the eighteenth century royal court of France and the horrors of the Revolution.

Genre: Foreign Film
Run Time: 105 mins

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