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Mademoiselle Karen  - Mademoiselle Karen - Attention (CD)


Mademoiselle Karen - Mademoiselle Karen - Attention (CD)

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Release Date: 08/10/10

Enchanting and electrifying debut album by Danish singer and saxophone player - member of Czesław Śpiewa band.

Mademoiselle Karen project is a veritable explosive mixture of various genres, cultures and languages. The music crosses all the stylistic borders and brings a whole colour palette to mind. The atmosphere of intelligent, postmodern cabaret, inspired by French songs, is broken by crazy hip-hop rides on the one hand, and beautiful, sad songs on the other. Mademoiselle Karen swallows all the words she hears, and then sing it all out in French, Danish, Polish and English, as if she wanted to communicate with the whole world at one time. Her clear, strong and characteristic voice falls into memory, and her clever, ironic lyrics treat on both great love and ordinary everyday life, with a smile and a little pinch of salt. She combines the corners of Europe and mixes the languages and music influences into her own motley 'pop' chansons. Mademoiselle Karen has a surprisingly simple message for us: life is strange, but beautiful.

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 40:00 mins

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