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Malevolent Creation - Joe Black (CD)


Malevolent Creation - Joe Black (CD)

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Release Date: 12/02/08

Malevolent Creation's most obscure record.

This is the most obscure of the bands' 12 releases. The band only finished the recording of 3 new songs and a Slayer cover, when the personal problems began. The CD sat unfinished for a year. Phil Fasciana entered the studio alone to finished the album. He remixed 'No Salvation,' 'To Kill' and 'Tasteful Agony,' and included rare demo versions of 'Genetic Affliction,' 'Remenants of Whithered Decay' and 'Impaled Exisitence,' to round out this odd record. It was originally released with only 1500 cd's pressed. It is offered here as a special release ...only 1000 to be pressed

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 46 mins

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