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Mallory - Sonora: RF Part 1 (CD)


Mallory - Sonora: RF Part 1 (CD)

$ 11.99

Release Date: 04/08/16

Mallory is not just music, it is above all a story, sharp, tragic and filled with emotions.

Mallory leaves the man she just married and hits the road, alone, without knowing her life's about to change dramatically... Across the USA and as far as the Mexican border, starts her initiatory journey where love gets mixed with violence and death. That's how Mallory learns the tragic cost of freedom... Just as turning fourty-seven, she meets four French musicians in a shady bar in Paris As they make friends with each other, they decide to write a musical biography recounting her life...


Genre: Progressive Rock
Language: English
Run Time: 37:58 mins

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