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Mama Kin - In The City (CD)


Mama Kin - In The City (CD)

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Release Date: 06/08/10

Blending the rock sounds of new with classic and forging it with today's modern sound is what best describes MAMA KIN.

From the magical fountains of rock n' roll in Sweden; MAMA KIN has plenty of classic rock swagger that blends in modern day hipness. In The City, the debut release from MAMA KIN, has set their native country on fire by charting at #30 on the Swedish album charts and #5 on the hard rock chart. MAMA KIN now targets the U.S. with In The City to show America their brand of music. MAMA KIN is quickly amassing new fans nationwide through self promotion, viral marketing and amazing videos. MAMA KIN, taken from the Aerosmith song with the same name. MAMA KIN's music is built upon grandiose melodies and the efficiency of rock music, together with the bands utter respect for, and undying love of rock. In The City is simply the perfect soundtrack to the album's truly opulent sleeve and certainly plugs a gap in the next Guns N' Roses category. Fronted by very the Paul Stanley-esque vocals of Ward, MAMA KIN is able to combine the brilliance of Kiss and Aerosmith.

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 45:10 mins

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