Mccoy - Unreal The Anthology (CD)

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John McCoy is a gem of British Rock history who's still rocking as hard as ever! It is in fact a long overdue tribute to the man who has not only influenced and inspired a whole generation of bass players, and seemingly a whole plethora of shaved heads and goatee beards! but has done so much more. With in depth notes from McCoy himself and many unseen photographs this double album still only scratches the surface! Gillan, Mammoth, Samson, Zzebra, Atomic Rooster, Sun Red Sun, G.M.T., Welcome, Quadrant, The Collies, Neo, John Du Cann, V.H.F., Atomic Rooster, Joint Forces, Torme, Thunderstick, Paul Samson, and The Split Knee Loons.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Walking Strong
  • Karrola
  • 1953 Austin Somerset
  • Calling Out Your Name
  • Big Boss Man
  • Not As Easy As It Seems
  • Texas Modern
  • Don't Be A Dummy
  • Getting It Upside Down
  • Tomorrow Or Yesturday
  • No Easy Way (alternative version)
  • No Laughing In Heaven (alternative version)
  • Restless (alternative)
  • M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) (alternative version)
  • Plat It Again
  • The Russians Are Coming
  • Hard Times
  • Because You Lied
  • Free Mind
  • Temporary Threshold Shift
  • The Demon Rose
  • Fatman
  • All The Days
  • On And On
  • Josephine
  • I Know A Place
  • I Don't Want To Be Responsible
  • Mean Woman Blues
  • Cannonball
  • Shaving Cream

Additional Details

Label: Angel Air

Genre: Pop/Rock

Run Time: 115 mins

Release Date: 07/08/08

UPC: 5055011701953

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