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Meat Puppets - Mirage (CD)


Meat Puppets - Mirage (CD)

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Release Date: 12/06/11

Fourth album from the Meat Puppets, reissued with bonus tracks.

The Meat Puppets at their psychedelic peak. A tightly crafted labor of love, 'Mirage' was released in Spring of 1987 to increasing interest from mainstream rock circles. Joe Sasfy (Washington Post) proclamed it 'their finest, as close to a polished artistic arrival as you'd want from a frisky anti-pop band committed to musical spontaneity and adventure.' This editon of 'Mirage' has been expanded to include five extra tracks, featuring early demos of 'The Mighty Zero,' and 'Liquified,' as well as a cover of the Presley movie shlock, 'Rubberneckin',' and the previously unheard 'Grand Intro.'

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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