Melanoia & Quatuor Ixi - Red (CD)

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Making music without vanity: four individual voices which are derived from the togetherness of Us.

Dejan Terzic's Quartet Melanoia are four musicians who unfold jazz from the other side. The premise is mutual listening, catching each other, and responding to each other. Against this background solos never sound like solos, but are always part of a spontaneous or calculated composition. The borders of the moment open up, with those of other moments in a chain of unavoidable impulses toward a living process. Making music without vanity: four individual voices which in this context are derived from the togetherness of Us. Of course, all these claims could be made by any other jazz formation, but Melanoia manages not only without empty phrases and slogans but also without the usual jazz reflexes. The result is an extremely gentle music, which is immediately incorporated into the sound mass of the listener's emotional consciousness. Because bandleader Dejan Terzic allows feelings to come through. It is never about originality, but always rather authenticity. The original, the unique, is derived, as it were, automatically.
For a long time Dejan had the idea of making music with a string quartet, after he met the musicians of the Quatuor iXi, and his contact with them became more intense. Dejan met the young, very talented composer Luzia von Wyl in Bern and found the idea of working with an external composer interesting, with the condition that it had to leave plenty of space for improvisation. The music she wrote proved to be tailor-made for them.
Quatuor iXi is made up of violinists Régis Huby and Théo Ceccaldi, violist Guillaume Roy and cellist Atsushi Sakaï. The name iXi stands for interpretation through improvisation. The four string players know their way around jazz, and have an utterly direct access not only to improvisation, but also to playing with the nuances, the mood, and the solid state of the moment. While Melanoia provides the colours and surfaces, the Quatuor iXi takes care of the contours and shadings.

Track Listing

    • Oliam
    • Red
    • Traum im Traum
    • Spechtony
    • Melaton
    • Dawn
    • Smoke

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 57 mins

    Release Date: 12/02/16

    UPC: 5998309302381

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