Michael Schiefel Platypus Trio - Michael Schiefel Platypus Trio (CD)

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An international trio comprised of German vocalist Michael Schiefel, cellist Jörg Brinkmann and Hungarian cimbalom player Miklós Lukács tells the enchanting story of the funny animal, the Platypus:
The Platypus cleared his voice and he said: Thank you, everyone, for coming here today. Here's what I have to say: I've got a bit of land animal in me because of my fur, and I love running across the land. But I also have got a bit of bird in me, because of my bill, and I lay eggs. And I also have got a bit of water creature in me, because my home is right next door to the water's edge, and I love swimming and exploring that underwater world.
That's why I have decided not to join anyone's group whatsoever.

Track Listing

    • Listen!
    • Platypus Dancing
    • Platypus on the Beach
    • Platypus Meditation
    • Platypus Swimming
    • Dreamtime Platypus
    • Platypus Happy
    • The Home of the Platypus

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 51 mins

    Release Date: 08/08/14

    UPC: 5998309302077

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