Midwest Beat - Gone Not Los (CD)

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Angry bubblegum pop from Wisconsin US. This is the 2nd full-length and their best work so far! This album was out on 2011 only available on vinyl, but sadly it was soon out of print. People kept waiting and waiting for the repress, but never h

Track Listing

    • Sister Mary Katherine
    • Bethany
    • Alone Now
    • Obliterated
    • Firefly Blues
    • When She Comes To Town
    • Gone Not Lost
    • Crawlin Back
    • Belladonna
    • Spent Love
    • All Nite Long
    • Too Late To Care
    • Worried/Scared
    • Furlington
    • Ain't It Strange'

    Additional Details

    Label: Waterslide Records Japan

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Release Date: 08/26/14

    UPC: 4582244359138

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