Mihaly Borbely Quartet - Be By Me Tonight (CD)

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Be by Me Tonight contains 11 originals, most of them composed by Mihaly Borbely. The studio recording reveals the rich, mature sound of the group, the complex beauty of the compositions with roots and influences from Hungarian and Balkan folk, music of Liszt, Bartok, Kodaly as well as contemporary jazz, while preserving the spontaneity and freshness, well known from their concerts.

Track Listing

    • Be by me Tonight
    • Exiled
    • The Last Question
    • Come on!
    • Epigram
    • Little Bird in the Lee
    • Gratitude
    • Auntie
    • These Fairies Again
    • Nevermind Sweetheart
    • Kosztka

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 56 mins

    Release Date: 05/06/16

    UPC: 5998309302312

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