Mo Foster` - Live At Blues Wes14 (CD)

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MO FOSTER said 'Musicians tend to loosen up in a club setting: away from the pressures of the studio or the concert platform they feel generally more relaxed, new ideas are tried and they feel free to re-interpret old favourites'. 'Live At Blues West 14' is proof of how correct that statement is. Most of the tracks on this album were recorded live in small clubs in the 90's and the majority were recorded at Blues West 14, a small basement club in Kensington, London. Classic Jazz/ Fusion/ Rock performed by masters of their profession. Musicians: MO FOSTER, RAY RUSSELL, SIMON CHAMBERLAIN, DAVE HARTLEY, PHIL PESKETT, NICK BROWN, GARY HUSBAND, RALPH SALMINS, IAN BELLAMY and CORRINA SILVESTER.

Track Listing

    • Hot Buttered Cats
    • Prelude - That Dream Again
    • So Far Away
    • Oh No
    • The Cry Of The Unheard
    • Prelude - Blues SW19
    • Tricotism
    • Let'S Go On Somewhere
    • Tradewinds
    • The Four Susans
    • The Importance Of Being Invoiced
    • Crete: Yet Another Visit
    • Blues For B&C

    Additional Details

    Label: Angel Air

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Release Date: 01/12/09

    UPC: 5055011702073

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