Moksha - A People Undone (CD)


$ 19.40


This here was our third release, a 'side'-project from Fektion Fekler. Actually, it's mostly unreleased Fektion Fekler out-takes and demos. A couple were released on the first Fekler tape, before they signed to Pendragon.

Track Listing

    • God I'm Sick
    • Miss
    • Rawhide
    • You and Me
    • Consecrated Virgin
    • Mind Evil Mind
    • Anarchy of Separation
    • The Risk You Take (One Mix)
    • Eggshell
    • I Quit
    • I Can See
    • Brokenshell (Mentallo and the Fixer Remix)

    Additional Details

    Label: Artoffact Records

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Release Date: 05/13/00

    UPC: 777320104625

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