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Mondo Psycho (DVD)


Mondo Psycho (DVD)

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Release Date: 09/22/09

The family that kills together - gets thrills together!

This setting for this wild and frenetic Mad Crampi film is a video store which is actually a front for the sadistic serial killer, Mr. Kidnap's warehouse where he stores bodies and body parts. With the help of his sister, Jezebel and brother, Willy (who looks like the living dead), they aggravate, rape and mutilate victims and then sell their body parts. Willy decides to get married to a nighttime radio talk show host so he kidnaps her, ties her up, dresses her like a bride until she agrees to become his wife. She continues to refuse. Dead Dad visits to warn the family that the cops are on to them and they have surrounded the house. He wants to make sure the family is prepared. Then all the fun begins. Argentinian director Miguel Moliterno, better known by his alter ego 'Mad Crampi' turns out movies designed to shock, amuse, arouse and at times disgust, but always does so with panache, style and wit. Mondo Psycho is a prime example of his artistic talents.

Genre: Horror
Run Time: 63 mins

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