Monstrum Sepsis - Artifacts (CD)


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Artifacts blends layers of synths over waves of pulsating and pounding percussion.

Artifacts follows the Monstrum Sepsis formula by blending layers of synths over waves of pulsating and pounding percussion. The signature Monstrum Sepsis sound is evident from the opening bars of 'Smoke 'em,' to the powerful undertones in 'Glimpse' and carries through to the harmonious 'Wit's End Persistence.' In addition to the sonic soundscapes, Artifacts spices things up with some politically charged samples that reflect the current world moods and trends. These political affairs are exposed in the thought provoking and intelligent tracks 'Opus Dictum,' 'Squelch' and 'War of Ideas.'

Track Listing

    • Smoke'em
    • Opus Dictum
    • Stoic
    • Seduce to Consume
    • Squelch
    • War of Ideas
    • Glimpse
    • Under the Carpet
    • Wit's End Resistance
    • Return to Base
    • Immoral Combat
    • Small Tin Room
    • Sub Rosa Solace
    • Depleted Uranium
    • Torrid Swelter

    Additional Details

    Label: WTII Records

    Genre: Industrial

    Run Time: 68 mins

    Release Date: 08/12/08

    UPC: 801676004923

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