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Mother Goose Treasury Volume 2 (DVD)


Mother Goose Treasury Volume 2 (DVD)

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Release Date: 08/26/08

The most endured and popular nursery rhymes of Mother Goose are timeless, and children who could only see and hear the classic tales, can now sing along. Each song is lavishly produced with full orchestration, beautiful costuming, and exquisitely detailed backgrounds. Come to the exchanged village of Gooseberry Glen. Enjoy the stories of Mulberry Bush, I Knew a Little Person, Alphabet, Queen of Hearts, This Is the House That Jack Built, One Two Buckle My Shoe, Little Bo Peep, Star Light Star Bright, Old Mother Hubbard, Jumpity Jump Pop Pop, 1234, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jack & Jill, Tom the Piper's Son, Gregory Griggs, Wee Willie Winkie, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Genre: Kids MUSIC
Run Time: 55 mins

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