Mr Big - Seppuku (CD)

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'Dicken is England's BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, if he can only get himself together. The music is bulging out of him', IAN HUNTER told MELODY MAKER (7th April 1979). Ian was discussing the MR BIG album he had produced the year before, which never saw the light of day. 'I produced a hard rock n roll album for them which pleased me but which maybe freaked EMI, who, after Mr Big had a hit with 'Romeo', they thought they had a pop band'. The album in question was 'SEPPUKU' which was to be Mr Big's third album, but after one single 'Senora', EMI dropped the band, and the album was shelved-causing the band to break up shortly after. To both Mr Big and Ian Hunter fans this release is in effect The Holy Grail. For over two decades this album has been in the EMI vaults at Abbey Road awaiting the day it would burst onto the market. Now it is available at last with a 20 page full colour CD booklet with rare Hunter/Dicken photos and informative sleeve notes from SVEN GUSEVIK who manages the Mr Big / Dicken / Broken Home website. Musicians:DICKEN, EDDIE CARTER, JOHN BURNIP, MICKEY LLEWELLYN, VINCE CHAULK, JOHN MARTER, PETER CROWTHER and PETE OXENDALE.

Track Listing

    • Senora
    • Woman
    • Place Your Bets
    • Here It Comes Again
    • Tonight
    • Lucy
    • Goosestep
    • You Won'T See Me
    • Behind Enemy Lines
    • Come Rock With Me
    • Seppuku
    • Death Boy

    Additional Details

    Label: Angel Air

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Release Date: 01/12/09

    UPC: 5055011700741

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