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You've never seen a comedy like this!

Research professor, Dr. Denwell, receives a mysterious potion from a colleague residing in Bombay. Imagine his surprise when, after the sampling the formula, he becomes totally invisible. In the meantime, a sinister force of evil steals a secret formula, called Formula D, from the institute. With Formula D in their hands, the power hungry villains now have the necessary weapon needed to rule the world. With the fat of mankind in his hands, Dr. Denwell (and his trusty sheepdog, Dylan) use the exotic disappearing formula to launch an invincible and invisible attack against the evil conspirators. You've never seen an action-comedy like this!


Cast & Crew

  •       Dean Jones
  •       Philippe Leroy
  •       Dylan The Shaggy Dog

Director: Antonio Margheriti

Producer: Peter Carsten

Additional Details

Label: Wham! USA

Genre: Family

Run Time: 90 mins

Release Date: 04/14/09

UPC: 018619056950

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