Muhledy - Active Sleep (CD)

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Musicians are often driven to create new works by a sort of soulful imperative.

Musicians are often driven to create new works by a sort of soulful imperative. Obstacles notwithstanding, certain music and certain combinations of musicians will inspire great effort on the part of the participants to continue the project, searching for the highest levels of musical expression they are capable of. In the case of the album you now hold in your hand, the fact that the members of the group are spread out between three different cities, thousands of kilometres apart did very little to impede the development of the music. The musicians in this group cared so much about the music, as well as I believe the personal chemistry of the band, to travel the great distances in order to play our music together, perform it, and record it. Muhledy is unique in all the bands I ve ever played in and I know the guys feel this way too , because the musical process is entirely collaborative and collective. Everybody contributes tunes, and has equal input as to what gets performed, and more importantly how it gets performed.

Additional Details

Label: Cellar Live

Genre: Jazz

Run Time: 60 mins

Release Date: 09/02/07

UPC: 778224230120

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