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Murray Spivack - A Lesson With Louie Bellson (DVD)


Murray Spivack - A Lesson With Louie Bellson (DVD)

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Release Date: 04/20/10

Murray Spivack was one of the first drummers to contribute soundtracks for silent films. During the 1930s, he began teaching percussion and continued until his death in 1994. Murray became known as a 'specialist' for technique and hand development. In 1992, Louie Bellson proposed the idea of documenting the approach of his teacher, Murray Spivack, in the form of filming a lesson with Louie as the student. On this DVD, Murray and Louie take you through a range of various rudiments with an emphasis on grip, stroke, and motion. In addition to Louie, two other students of Murray's (David Garibaldi and Peter Donald) are also featured, each expressing their deep feelings and respect for their teacher. The DVD includes impressive drum solos by both Louie and David.

Genre: Instructional
Run Time: 60 mins

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