Mychael Danna - Surf's Up (CD)

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Featuring a score by renowned Oscar and Emmy winning composer, Mychael Danna

Shot in a mock documentary style, SURF'S UP tells the story of Cody Maverick (LeBeouf), a penguin with a passion for surfing. Followed by a camera crew, Cody and his friend, Chicken Joe (Heder), hitch a ride to Pen Gu Island so Cody can enter the Big Z Memorial Surf Off. Cody is determined to win the Surf Off for Big Z (Bridges), one of the greatest legends of penguin surfing. Along the way to the Surf Off, Cody makes new friends and discovers that a true winner is not always the one who comes in First.

Mychael Danna studied music composition at the University Of Toronto, winning the Glenn Gould Composition Scholarship in 1985. He is recognized as one of the most versatile and original voices in film music. Danna has worked with such acclaimed directors as Atom Egoyan, Catherine Hardwicke, Scott Hicks, Ang Lee, Gillies MacKinnon, James Mangold, Bennett Miller, Mira Nair, Billy Ray, Joel Schumacher, and Denzel Washington on films such as EXOTICA, THE ICE STORM, THE SWEET HEREAFTER, RIDE WITH THE DEVIL, MONSOON WEDDING, ARARAT, CAPOTE, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, THE NATIVITY STORY and, most recently, FRACTURE and SURF'S UP.

Track Listing

    • Legends
    • Sports Network Presents
    • You're In
    • Big Z's Shrine
    • Taking On Tank
    • The Geek
    • Stuck With This Guy
    • I Don't Have A Way
    • Log Roll
    • The Board Shack
    • Cody Struggles
    • Lani And Cody
    • Waterfall
    • In The Tube
    • Training
    • The Has Been
    • The Big Z Memorial
    • First Round
    • Shredding
    • Winning Is...
    • Boneyards
    • Losers
    • Pointed The Way Back

    Additional Details

    Label: BSX Records, Inc.

    Genre: Soundtrack

    Language: English

    Run Time: 40:00 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 12/09/16

    UPC: 712187883429

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